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For as long as I can remember, I was interested in history. I must have assumed that most others were either as interested as I was, or at least had some investment in not being totally ignorant of it. Only when I got older did I realize that many don't see history as (at least partly) a set of objective facts, and that actual interest in, and knowledge of, history is quite rare. And often those who really need to know it are the most woefully ignorant, and are blind to just how much is at stake right now.

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There are times when I could scream with frustration: do you not see where this leads? So, I very much agree.

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But they do see it very clearly LW, they just want the agency, the power, to be holding the machete not one of the heads.

Let’s take a hard look at the world of the Enlightenment dying and what is being born; are they wrong? Is it the machete or the heads? They’re onto something.

There’s of course many problems with the Liberal world now dying, and the Managerialism that has no answer to any question or complaint, indeed demands compliance but is unable to let one comply. Men want agency - power over their life - if not they need to know who to see - either to ask for or TAKE agency if it’s not given. Under managerialism NONE are responsible, no one is “in charge.” It’s THE PROCESS.

It’s THE SYSTEM is PROCESSING and please be patient.

Women want a man with the agency or they trade up, out, or even down. This makes it very difficult to form families.

The PROCESS sold us offer’s Security and Rules but what’s delivered is Instability into your very house and rules are best broken (the higher reproductive rates of criminals make this a valid evolutionary strategy. >Oh and young men really need to get laid, if the reader forgets).

So best to change teams and strike when the Iron’s hot.

I said right after Oct 7 that HAMAS livestreamed their victory and the fruits of victory therein as an appeal to Human Nature- not for the justice of Palestinian cause. HAMAS knows what it’s doing appealing to human nature while ye knock yer head on the wall.

Winners live and get the girl.

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Wikipedia’s “List of Empires” includes nearly 300 empires that existed in every historical period and on every inhabited continent. They were created by people of every color, ethnicity, religion, and culture. We are all descended from both oppressors and oppressed.

It was the West that finally condemned conquest after millennia of moral evolution. The only currently active imperialist entities are Russia, China, Iran, Venezuela, and Islam.

Progressives condemn the West based on a moral system that evolved in the West and that Progressives claim to reject. At the same time, they celebrate imperialism practiced by any anti-western entity.

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Well self loathing has a teleos too.

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Humans and their History are never not hilarious—everything we claim is only true in reverse, and everything we do only creates the exact opposite of our intentions!

The French revolted and replaced their royalty with a Cult of Reason (the first of many sacred oxymorons), only to have another tyrant back on the throne a dozen years later; the Russians killed off an oppressive Czar only to usher in Czars Lenin and Stalin, who made Ivan the Terrible look like Mr. Rogers and who made Imperial Russia seem like a summer camp; and then the spoiled infants of the richest, safest and most prosperous societies in history decided to follow a flock of demented Pied Pipers who promised to usher in a global government of pure liberation and equality—to be created by giving total power to a secular theocracy whose definition of Justice is revenge, whose definition of freedom is obedience, whose definition of "diversity" is uniformity, who proclaim we will all learn to love our neighbor—or else!—through constant applications of hatred, and who now have convinced themselves that massacres of civilians will lead us on the golden road to the Promised Land aka the transformational future (which is another thing linking them to their spiritual ancestors).

And despite all the electioneering and the panem et circenses of modern politics, there's only one candidate on the ballot and we'll all be voting for it, whether we like it or know it or not: EROS/THANATOS 2024!

Cheers and thanks for another great piece...

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The history of the world is the story of conquest, rape and pillage. No one here today was here yesterday.

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Solzhenitsyn’s essay “Live not by lies” is the roadmap out our current trend to cultural demise. As individuals we don’t have the power to change the government or media, but the essay has concrete steps each of us can use every day to slowly turn the tide. One person speaking truth in a cacophony of lies is powerful, and encourages the large proportion of people who disagree with bad ideologies that they aren’t alone, and soon they too may become stronger and begin to speak out as well.

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No Art, Solzhenitsyn’s path is to be a Zek and not get killed because of the risks taken by others, including Khrushchev and Zhukov . Solzhenitsyn was at the summer camp of the GULAG, he wrote stories about people who had it far worse such as at Kolima, from whom we hear nothing. He was a coward, not a hero, certainly not a solution.

“One person speaking truth in a cacophony of lies is powerful” o

No, they’re wankers Art. Worse they summon a retaliation when they have none in return.

Israel is answering HAMAS correctly, although probably not harshly enough.

We, following plan Zek are running our mouths, looking weak and whiny yet just uppity enough to get another beating.

Time for talk is past. Shut up and put up, or shut up and hide, but in either case - we need to abandon talk.

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“Live not by lies.”

Said the Slave Zek.


“There is no god but force”- the Child Prophet of Beslan.

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