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I really enjoyed this post.

BTW, in America anyway, it is young men who "need help."

Suicide rate four times that of women, drugs, incarceration, accidental deaths, high school and college grad rate, even pay for young men are all flashing red...for males.

Side note: Decades back, maybe it was high school or college, I read, "The Count of Monte Cristo" by Dumas, then considered classic literature. I thought to myself, "You know, I actually enjoyed this book."

I also remember wending my way through Jane Austen, without such a sentiment.

If we want boys to learn to read....

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Young males are their own worst enemies. They are the problem, so nobody should feel sorry for them.

When they put on skirts, commit rape in women's prisons, and somehow enter and win women's weighlifting competitions, I don't buy any of this. Stop feeling sorry for yourselves when you sabotage your own lives.

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I never read that drivel....poe, tolkein, herbert, and so on....robert e. howard, the classics. my son has read the Odysee....Even girls should stick with the classics. I do think females need, yes, need a different kind of religion. One that helps them learn to marshal and ride their chaos, which they NEED in order to cope with , or even be UP for, childbirth. Since this is denied us, women whose hormonal cycle is every 28 days and super sensitive to going out of whack, thus summoning the crazy time, (with men i think, its every 9 months, give or take) I think that is why ther modern religions were forced upon us, the old ways , that taught us to master ourselves....made the clan system way to strong to dominate externally.

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IMO, Jane Austen is worth reading. She had an eye for human interaction.

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Moids reading books. LOLOLOL

You try and convince them to put down the porn and video games long enough. Good luck!

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Way to stereotype people.

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I would happily read about Tommyramis, Artemisia, Zenobia, Bodica, Grace O'Malley the pirate Queen, all of whom actually existed. that is right up my alley.

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I am glad you got something from it. I know, people say that. I did try, too boring. Also, The female characters super annoyed me. Not my cup of tea, I also read a bunch of stephen king., and trashy murder mysteries......hours i will never get back. I like tolstoy and victor hugo for human interaction.

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For feminists, it's not enough that women succeed, men must also fail.

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That certainly seems true in the pop-cultural sphere, with the deliberate writing down/out of iconic male characters.

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Could you cite Wikipedia for that, please?

LOL Then we wonder why colleges have affirmative action for moids now.

Btw what is "gender egalitarian"? What does "gender" mean here? What are you describing? "Cultural narratives" and trannies in Pakistan wearing skirts and makeup?

Or are you talking about females and males--those are sexes. You moids can't even use words correctly.

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I don’t think that’s what is happening. The “elites” stopped playing positive sum games some time after WW2. They mostly discourage their sons from serving in the military.

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Males fail on their own. They have nobody to blame but themselves. Stop crying.

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Everybody fails from time to time. Men and women are on this Earth together and we need each other to survive. Your success is our success and vice versa. Thoughtful people don't root for or celebrate others' failures.

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That's not what males thought for thousands of years, and now that some women actually have options, males are singing a different tune. It's their own fault.

Go tell the Taliban about your thoughtful musings. Those rational protector-providers didn't get the memo.

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You’re attacking a category. No individual alive today is responsible for “what males thought for thousands of years.” Moreover, for thousands of years, human beings lived in a world in which brute strength was the key to survival. In such a world - a world in which the Taliban still live - women are, unfortunately but inevitably, second class citizens.

In the Information Age, women are more than able to compete with men. Ironically, feminists are working to destroy the free market system that created the Information Age. Want to keep women’s equal footing with men? Then don’t push us back to the Taliban’s tribal world.

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The ubiquity of male behavior suggests it's an innate belief and their actions follow accordingly. Yes, males are responsible today for what they continue to do.

The Taliban lives in a world where they accept foreign aid and food to stay alive. They don't survive on brute strength. They choose to treat women like shit because they can get away with it. It's not inevitable. It's a product of male choice, and that's my first point. So don't act like those men are the victims. Men are the problem, and you try to excuse it for that very reason. Thanks for proving my point. Male are accountable for their behavior.

Nobody is pushing anyone into a tribal world. There is no "equal footing." Stop making excuses for male stupidity and go talk to the Taliban if you care so much.



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so do women.

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At least we have friends, make it to university, and not suicide ourselves LOL

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that is not the measure of woman. far too shallow. serves the system and not anything meaningful. we have to have some standards. But what? do you always measure yourself against men only? do you aspire to be a cat lady? dogs? that will not happen. what women do for this world is deeper and older and more vital for life than that. we have abandoned our post and the world has gone to hell in a hand-basket. Do you not also realize you are being steadily replaced by transgender men? That IS the plan. No women. None. Old Shakespearean, you might say. (that is when everyone is male, but some play the part of female). Look around. they are replacing you in beauty pageants, modeling, (many male leads have been gay for ages), but there will be no women, in sports, politics.....look around.

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The problem with gender egalitarianism as I see it is pretty simple.

It's one thing to say, 'I'm not like those other girls, please let me do my own thing and judge me accordingly'. It's hard to think of a Western male, with whom this message wouldn't resonate and who wouldn't do his best to accommodate this request.

Instead we get the avg neuro-atypical girl effectively endorsing the absurd pretense that women in general are like her (or could, or should, or would be if males weren't holding them back), despite nearly all her experiences pointing in the opposite direction. Now, I'm sure Alice Evans is as capable, if not more capable than the average man in her field. I say this not as a polite concession, but because I've read her work and it's pretty good, and easily in the 95 percentile+, of male work in the area.

But what exactly is the point if she's gonna weaponize the cruelty of non-western men, against us? It's like hiring an enemy spy to run your intelligence bureau, simply because he scored higher on an IQ test.

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Rather hard to make peace with people who hate and envy you.

Let them fail, or improbably succeed, without us...

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A more than plausible solution with race issues, not exactly one that works with sex issues.

a) If the loudest female voice is hateful, then the hatred quickly spreads to women who are not feminist in nature at all, since normie women are - very much conformists.

b) There's almost no level of misandry which could make an attractive and intelligent woman like Alice Evans or Louise Perry undatable; which guarantees them status among normie women (loops back into a).

c) There will always be a small but consistent group of men willing to fund Alice Evans' quests (her writing is in fact pretty good) and these men will, *at best* treat misandry as they would tantrums from a child (except this child runs big chunks of the media) - so normie women will always be exposed to them.

The solution, if you care about the outcomes of most men - is either A- highly illiberal crackdown.., B- find a version of @HelenDale that isn't a lesbian and clone her a million times. Given that Tacitus is already describing how Germans value and expect that their wives not be incapable of masculine values, and gift them swords on their wedding nights; I'm pretty sure A is not sustainable.

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Let’s give Our own version of Islam - Paterfamilias - a whirl.

No sympathy here - it’s dead.

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Lol, your "own version of Islam." Just itching to beat females who you fear, aren't you?

This must be all that rational protecting-providing from males that's so ubiquitous.

I don't care that you can't get a match on Tinder. Women don't care about you. Get back to your anime porn.

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Nah, I think I’ll go with mass cloning. Tentative name - Project Helenism.

It’s hard to think of an idea that’s less appealing to NW European man than white sharia.

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These two geniuses going back-and-forth must be the best demonstration of the rational, logical male thinking I hear so much about.

Males shouldn't be allowed to vote.

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Kat: You are simply a man hating antisemite. It’s as simple as that and as simple as you are.

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What man turns down...


I’ll take a clone though if it works

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Then they aren’t men.

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Who's failing in education again? Who hates who? Do women pass laws to keep men out of school or demand to get put in male jails where they commit rape?

Men are literally delusional.

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LMAO : fine it’s all yours.

Now make it work

And defend it too.

Lady we don’t fail in education, you ladies rigged the system.

Without affirmative action most of you would be un-employable.


But fine

Make it work

And defend it too

And hopefully you won’t run out of men to plagiarize.

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Males are outperformed by females in education even in Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan, before the rational protector-providers of the Taliban banned girls from school.

Who "rigged" the system there? Nobody. Society was literally designed for men, teaching is even sex-segregated, and males still fail because they don't have what it takes.

Take responsibility for the fact that males are terrible at focus, organization, delayed gratification; that's why they need affirmative action.

Good luck with your video games.


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This is Trolling, you had me going lol. Affirmative action?

For men? Lol.

But for the record: The men run things because they can, as is beginning to be noticed by our absence.

The women will outperform men in Afghanistan because they’re busy fighting or working 🤣.

As for American education it’s a scam from top to bottom.

Letting you in ran it into the ground. No boy never mind man would take it seriously.

It’s a grift. A poisonous, gossipy grift at that.

Of course society was set up by men, we can run things, make things, fix things, above all defend them - or conquer them.

Very shortly you’ll be calling 911 and even if the phone works, no one will come. No one you want to meet … in any case.

And as far as Islam; it was a great mistake to let millions of dangerous Western men see the alternative to being henpecked, divorced, harried - that men could be men. It’s not about beating women- it’s about ignoring women. Certainly being free from being passed the woman’s work daily because she can’t do it. That’s all day long.

Then there’s the septic poison of gossip and intrigue that is your form of aggression as women.

It destroys any group you enter.

And the men leave- just as the boys don’t bother in school.

Education isn’t real, but if that’s all you got…. Well, defend it.

Ciao Baby !

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Lol, "fighting or working." Yeah, that's what men do in Afghanistan do, a country where they're literally starving to death and 9 year old girls are married off to 50 year old males for food.

You know nothing. There's no point in even addressing your irrational, rambling nonsense. This must be the male logical thinking I hear so much about.

Get back to your video games, crazy. Your mom should stop paying the internet bill. You shouldn't even be here.


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Sadly, as bad as today's feminists treat men, their worst and most vicious treatment is reserved for the "traitors" - the women who dare to disagree. That those women's groups dare to claim they speak for even a large percentage of women, yet alone all women, is galling.

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IKR? the media amplifies these idiots, and it is embarrassing. I gave up TV 1991, for that reason. garbage.

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I tried discussing the failures of feminism with an apparently wealthy woman my age, who went through the feminist, sex-crazed late 70s/early 80s until AIDS shut that down. It's intriguing to me how many fail to see the actual harm that feminism has done, not just to individuals, but to what is now a staggeringly low birth rate that cannot support the aging Boomers who will compose most of the population. Just as it is a masculine duty to protect, it is a feminine duty to produce and nurture children. Feminism has actually denigrated what women have done since the beginning of time -- something that men can't do.

In essence, men and women were and generally have been equals. There were justifications for various laws regarding property and such (not saying this was fair or equal, but surely it isn't equal now either). My favorite is "women weren't allowed to have credit cards." Well in the 60s as a kid I had maiden, career-women in my life who had credit cards. It stands to reason that one couldn't have a credit card without a job. One incident that stands out -- my father's close friend wound up having a nervous breakdown because his wife ran up the credit cards and he would never be able to pay it off.

My hugest regret in life is drinking the feminism Kool-Aid. It's heartening that more people are speaking out against this matriarchal nightmare that we're in. Take me back to the patriarchy. It was filled with life. The matriarchy is dead suburban streets, animals supplanting children, and disenfranchised males. The very chaos Jordan Peterson talks about.

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“The lack of concern among British AWFLs — who can go from zero to outrage in 280...”

This happened to me just yesterday. I had the audacity to question someone who claimed “misogynist” was the first “ism” and she immediately had her back up. When she found out I am a white male... zero to outrage with all kinds of invective and assumptions and zero rationality.

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The best article I have ever read on "Feminism!" A few points:

1) A society that doesn't reproduce itself . . . fails!

2) Most men don't want to reproduce "much" with "AWFLs." (reference the r/passportbros group in Reddit) Lol

3) Our fathers and grandfathers weren't married to "AWFLs," and they had a lot more children than recent generations have.

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Most men would reproduce with anything that has a pulse.

Birth rates are dropping because women choose not to sacrifice their lives, bodies, and sanity for a low value male. That's what's happening from Korea to China to Japan. They're not white.

If men want women to choose them, the men need to change. They are the problem. That's why males are 76% of Tinder in the US (91% in Italy, which has even lower birth rates). So who is chasing whom?

Males are literally delusional. Your fathers and grandfathers lived in a society that forced women into no option because males only function when they force women into doing something women don't really choose to do. That's the crux of the issue here.

Men shouldn't be allowed to vote.

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Congratulations, you have the first reported-for-content comment on my Substack. I am pro free speech but also pro-civility. Your comment is historical nonsense (European civilisation always had an unusually high rate of women who didn’t marry and every legal advance for women was voted for by men) but not uncivil.

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"men never have any legitimate complaints about women"; well, anybody can complain about anybody regardless of gender but men, women and little furry creatures from alpha centauri may well complain about women per se if they are unfit or unwilling to be the mothers of a helpful next generation.

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Excellent Lorenzo. Thank you. ‘You can’t be it, if you can’t see it’. Doesn’t seem to apply to working class white boys watching British TV. Especially the most aspirational bit of TV. The adverts.

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I believe more women would rather die than face the status loss that would come from realizing that careerism is mostly benefitting the system.

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They don't want to face it because they'd be forced to realize what they gave up - children and family time. You cannot get back fertility.

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I think they know

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In a passive aggressive way, yes

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They don’t have another way.

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There seem to be as many definitions of feminism as there are people using the word. I’ve always been an old school feminist - the equal opportunity type. That’s what the word has always meant to me. I agree with you that too much of what people today describe as feminism is ridiculous, divisive nonsense.

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Nice to see that you aren't as easily "offended" as your sometime co-author & hostess ... 😉🙂


But some very good points. Sadly, "feminism" has fallen on some "hard times" -- much of it that "they" have brought onto themselves, and much because, as Helen (Herself) once put it, they refuse to "take biology seriously", because they refuse to consider that "evolution didn't stop at our necks".

Though that is a rather ubiquitous phenomenon where dogma conflicts with science -- a classic case being "Why the Arabic World Turned Away from Science":


However, one might suggest, tentatively at least, that you're apparently engaged in the same thing, notably in your assertion that "gender is the cultural manifestations of sex." No doubt that is part of it, and you may have recognized this before, but the fact of the matter is such "manifestations" are more common in "gender egalitarian societies" BECAUSE such societies are more supportive of natural -- genetically driven -- tendencies in each sex. Not just nature OR nurture, but very often both.

But, somewhat more broadly, you make a good point about feminism being, to a not inconsiderable degree, a case of "pseudo-sophisticated collective narcissism". Much of it predicated on turning the sexes into "immutable identities" based on some "mythic essences" -- largely the position of many transactivists. Pots and kettles.

However, in your rejection of the standard biological definitions for the sexes -- and their logical consequences -- I think you're engaged in the same "barking up the wrong tree". Since you're not quite as dogmatic as Helen is, at least as far as philosophy goes, you might have some interest in this Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy article on "Mechanisms in Science":

"Many mechanists, following Simon (1996 [1962]), emphasize that biological systems are hierarchically organized into near-decomposable structures: mechanisms within mechanisms, within mechanism."


The sexes are, at least biologically speaking, mechanisms -- processes -- not fixed identities, much less "immutable" ones.

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It is a bait and switch, you know. You can see the writing on the wall. This false elevation is a set up for total removal, girls, don't fall for it. Men that Identify as women will replace women, i think that IS the plan. And maybe women deserve erasure for being so rejecting of their own real power. The hand that rocks the cradle has always ruled the world. Too may did it wrong, were negligent and faithless. Not faithless to a religion, faithless to their offspring. Thoughtlessly allowing them to be raised by other who have no dog in the fight. shoving them in front of a screen for hours a day so you could have me time. Your house was on fire for decades, and you did not put it out. You have always had power, they just lied to you , told you it did not exist. So you did not develop it.

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Oh don’t we all want our cake and to eat it too... for egalitarianism, but not feminism. Politics isn’t power, it’s justice. See.

Does this egalitarianism take the form of equal pay for equal work, including equal productivity?

As opposed to carrying the slack for others? While we’re discussing using the talents of women... to dilute wages and increase the tax base, yes.

Now let’s talk about military conscription... in particular now as we’re back in World War I Western Front and egads we’ll need lots more infantry.

Lots more. We perhaps should note that from Athens until the 20th century the vote was for military service, all the way through the Russian Civil War, including the Renaissance of Democracy in the late 18th century- both The Jacobins and Trotsky offered the vote in exchange for fighting.

I’m retired, almost! 😅

I’m glad the ladies are going to take my place.

May I advise you to listen to your sergeants, if you can find one.

Don’t worry about the Officers, they shan’t bother you.

They’re gone.

Indeed we CAN perhaps get to the end of history and Nietzsche’s last... woman?

She fell on a day so quiet that...

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i re read this. and underlying many things is a failure to clearly discern what is and is not real and true, couples with a void if integrity. people are unable to think well or clearly. or they have decided it is fine to Not Even Try.....

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Idk about the paki nanny thing. Suppose AWFLs were policing Islamophobia to keep their cheaper immigrant nannies. Wouldn’t it be more practical to create an au pair system or limit visas to women? No one wants a male nanny, for good reason. Only creeps would defy the norm against male nannies. Perhaps unpaired female nannies create too much intra-sexual competition? Hmmm. Ok maybe you have a point.

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